Writing collaboration

a ‘work in progress’

2. ‘My’ name is…

Before talking about ‘my’ collaborative efforts, it’s important to think about different forms of academic self. Collaboration isn’t about separate, true, sovereign ‘individuals’ breaking down barriers to work with others like them. It’s important to recognise and work with the already-collective, fragmented and performative nature of everyday selfhood and academic work / life (Ede & Lunsford 2001; Gannon 2006; Anderson & Lord 2008). This means that writing using our own individual name can give the wrong impression, so…

…I write as Ian Cook et al. This name change has been inspired by and/or reflects arguments made by other collective / fragmented / performed academic authors. Why did they change their names? Why did they use those names? And what could we pick up from this to think through our own collaborative work and identities?

… like bell hooks?

… like WGSG?

… like J.K. Gibson-Graham?

… like RETORT?

… like mrs (c) kinspaisby(-hill)?

Ian Cook et al.


Written by Ian Cook et al

September 1, 2008 at 11:05 am

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